School Introduction

修学旅行(school excursion)
Every year, we have a school excursion in June. It lasts for three days. We are going to Nara and Kyoto. You can experience the historic city scape of Kyoto and,Nara. It's very exciting. You can make good relationships with your friends through your school trip.

Every year, we have a school cmap in June We stay at Chichibu at one night. Second grader climbs a mountain and makes curry.
It's very fun.

川越フィールドワーク(field trip)
There is an off-campus study in Kawagoe in spring of first year of junior high school. Many junior high school students enjoy visiting the city scape of Kawagoe every year.

体育祭(sports festival)
Every year, we have an athletic festival in June. All students join and enjoy this festival. In this festival, various events are held such as 100 meters dash, tug of war, and obstacle races.

合唱祭(chorus contest)
A chorus festival will be held in mid-September. The venue is in a gymanasium and you can bring your own? The theme song for the grade is the Maou. The assignment song for the class is Kaeru no uta. Excellent classes go to the civic center and sing. School students come and enjoy our festival.

Every year, we have a school council election in November. It last for a month. All students take part in the election. Please run as candidate for Hanno first junior high school.

入学式、卒業式(entrance & graduation ceremony)
Every year, there are graduation and entrance ceremonies in March and April. Parents also participate in these events. The entrance ceremony is the first event and the graduation ceremony is the last event. These two events are very important rituals.

球技大会(ball game tournament)
Every year, we have a ball game tournamet in the third term. We compete class by class in ball game. Last year we played dodgeball and soccer. It's very fun.

Hello, everyone. Let us tell you about “regular test”. This test is for you to know how much you've understood each classes. There are usually five subjects on the test. Japanese, math, social studies, science and English. We have them almost every 2 months. It is difficult to get 100 on the test unlike we could do in elementary school. We have this thing called “work”which is a work book you need to complete by a certain time (usually by the test day). We hope you will do great!

野球部(baseball team)
Our baseball team practices six days a week. We take part in a local tournament every June. The practice is very tough but the joy of getting better can't be changed. The teacher loves us vey much. That is why practice becomes more difficult. Baseball is fun and has a depth that you may not find in any other sports. Let's play baseball.

サッカー部(soccer team)
Our soccer team practices six days a week. We have participated in prefectural conventions several times. We welcome beginners! Practice is very hard. But Messi said “Will you be rewarded if you make an effort? Wouldn't you work hard until you set rewarded.” We are playing with the slogan. If you want to become Messi, please go to the soccer team.

陸上部(track & field team)
Our track and field club practice five days a week. Many members are participating in the prefectural convention. On sunny days, we practice in the school yard, and on rainy days, we practice in the corridor. If you practice hard, ou can play an active part in the athletic festival. Would you like to participate in the prefectural tournament with us?

男子テニス部(boys' soft tennis team)
Our soft tennis team practices five days a week. We have good rusults at local competitions. Would you like to play soft tennis with us? We welcome beginners. If you follow us, you can get good rusults in the competitions.

女子テニス部(girls' soft tennis team)
Our tennis team practices four days a week. We have participated in three major competitions. We won the inter-school athletic meet. Have you ever played tennis? We welcome beginners! I want people who can make a loud voice to join the club.

男子卓球部(boys' table tennis team)
Our table tennis team practices five days a week. We are practicing with the goal of participating in the prefectural tournament. Would you like to play table tennis together? We welcome beginners! If you want to play table tennis, please come to the gymanasium. 

女子卓球部(girls' table tennis team)
Our girls' table tennis team practices every day. We enjoy practicing in the gym. Have you ever played table tennis? We welcome new members!! If you can't play table tennis well, we'll teach you a lot. Let's aim to win the to together.

男子バスケットボール部(boys' basketball team)
Our basketball team practices four days a week. We have won the championship in the Prefectural tournament several times. Would you like to play basketball with us? We welcome beginners! Overcome rigorous practice and become a strong player!

女子バスケットボール部(girls' basketball team)
Our basketball team practices five days a week. We particpate in reginal competitions every year. For that reason, I am doing my best in the morning training. Have you ever played basketball? We welcome beginners! If yo join the basketball club you can learn a lot.

バレーボール部(volleyball team)
Our volleyball team practices every day. We were able to win the tournament last summer. Have you ever played volleyball? Many members start volleyball from junior high school, so even beginners are welcomed. If you practice hard, you can be a starting player.

剣道部(Kendo team)
We, the Kendo club, are active five times a week. We practice a lot with other schools to get stronger every day. If you practice hard, you can qualify for kendo. Beginners are welcome regardless of gender. Let's aim for the prefectural tournament together.

吹奏楽部(school band)
Our brass band practices six days or five days a week. We take part in a local contest every summer. It impresses us and unities our hearts. If you are interested in music, why don't you come visit us?

美術部(art club)
Our art club practices four days a week. We make posters in spring and summer. We also make signboards during chorus festivals and sprts festivals. If you are interested, please come to the second art room on the second floor.。